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See how Breeze helped to obtain the best speed results for e35shop.

by Dmitry Deyev
Dmitry Deyev

Dmitry Deyev is the co-founder & Magento Chief Product Officer at Swissuplabs.

"Why is my site slow?" is a widespread question in user research. Indeed, this is a pain point for many e-commerce merchants. For all but e35shop brand shop. They just started to use Breeze Front in time.

It would be interesting to learn what they succeeded in. Then, as we recall, the Breeze role involves improving Magento 2 store performance and user experience across all channels. Our fastest Magento 2 themes based on Breeze perfectly cope with the task for the second consecutive year. Do you wonder how they do it? Today we will talk about this in this article.

See why Breeze themes help to obtain the best speed results

Breeze is the high-performance frontend for Magento 2 built on the Breeze module - a drop-in replacement for the Luma js stack. This is an alternative JS front that helps to create lightweight and responsive site pages. Currently, there are 6 Breeze themes available for Magento 2.

Well, let us briefly recall the built-in Breeze features here:

  • Responsive images
  • Tailwind 3.0 color palette
  • CSS custom properties for all colors and animation definitions.
  • Supports single-page applications (SPA)
  • RTL support

Now on to the e-commerce Store that got a perfect 90/100 Google Pagespeed score by using the Breeze Evolution theme.

The bond between E35 SHOP and Breeze front

We appreciate the opportunity to share this excellent website. Before we dive into the short details about the shop, let us ask you: “Do you want a page speed score of 98 for your store?”

We encourage you to keep reading to know that’s possible.

We'll talk briefly about E35 SHOP. It was opened in Vienna in 2009 as a privately owned business. The name E35 is a tribute to Europe’s longest road connecting Rome to Amsterdam. Their wish, so to say, was to connect people with well-made clothing. And from the day of its establishment, the E35 shop has been running its online store.

If you live near Vienna, you can move to Vienna's 7th district, 10 minutes on foot from the main shopping road and not far from Museumsquartier, where you will see the E35 SHOP. Discover the vintage wear and great finds from Nordic, Japanese, and other designers.

Still, if you are online now, let's analyze the https://www.e35shop.com/ website.

Our first point concerns Core Web Vitals results. As you can see, the E35 Shop website passed the CWV assessment successfully. What a great result! All pages pass the Core Web Vitals test on Mobile.

"Core Web Vitals can help give your website more recognition. These vitals improve your website’s visibility and ranking in browsers and give your audience a hassle-free experience while browsing your page." as says in Forbes.

Thus the E35 SHOP owners started optimising exceptional eCommerce experiences for their clients. Besides factors to ensure an engaging user experience for search users, they used Breeze front power to get high page speed scores.

By examining the Magento-based websites that have good Magento 2 websites that have high PageSpeed Insights scores, we can see the Breeze-based E35 SHOP site offers the highest.

In light of these results, we welcome you to try out Breeze Front in your stores. You can explore the Breeze-based store collection to see other Breeze themes at work.

Dmitry Deyev

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